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Thank you to our 2017 Contributors

*NSN is a 501 c3. 100% of student conference donations go towards the student participants. To make a donation today click here*


Albany State University $1,196
North Carolina A&T $2,392
Django Degree $1,000
Clifford Samuel $1,000
Tek Systems $897
NSN NYC/NJ Chapter $800
Michael Dubose $800
NSN Dallas Chapter $800
NSN Atlanta Chapter $800


Bethune Cookman $598
NSN South Florida Chapter $500
Marsha Jones $500
Mario Ball $500
Gwendolyn Whitney $500
Michelle Gaulding $500
Faith Wilson $500
Gerald Bruce $500
Anthony Tuggle $500
NSN San Francisco Chapter $400
Blossom Martindale $400
Alicia Johnson $325
David Richardson $300
Mecca Tartt $300
NSN St. Louis Chapter $300
NSN Houston Chapter $300
NSN New England $300
E Adam Peek $250
Amber Doss $200
NSN Orlando Chapter $200


Nicole Golden $150
Andre Hester $150
David Pryor $100
Robin Guyton $100
Brent Bailey $100
Tiffany Jamison Rand $100
Christina Murray $100
Reggie Marble $100
Serenia Moore $100
Aja McCutchen $50
Harriet Moore $50
Stephanie Francis $50
Lauren Taylor $50
Lolita McGlory $50
Anita Brown $50
Ryan Marsh $50
Lori Hall $50
Pamela Stewart $50
Tracey Jennings $50
Alex Powell $45
Jessica Rios $20



National Sales Network (NSN) will celebrate 25 years of EXCELLENCE at it’s 21st annual Conference & Career Fair scheduled to take place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel located at 151 E Upper Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601. The conference & career Fair will be attended by 1,200 + professionals from across the US. The career fair will include over 40 major companies that will be interviewing for positions in Sales – Marketing – Finance – Operation – HR – IT – Business development.


More Info For Conference/Career Fair Attendees OR Sponsors Available @ www.salesnetwork.org


Wednesday August 2nd          Members ONLY Reception

(6pm – 1am)                           Opening Reception

                                               Awards Dinner

                                               Performance: Hiplet Dancers / Chicago Multi-cultural Dance Theater

                                               Conference Late Night Hospitality Networking Suites


Thursday August 3rd              Womens Executive Panel: Corporate Politics (For Women Only)

(8am – 1am)                            Best Sales Practices: Million-Dollar Earning Panel

                                               Sales Management Best Practices

                                               Members ONLY: Conference Benefits

                                               Opening Ceremony Guest Speaker

                                               Career Opportunity Lunch & Learn Sessions

                                               Career / Interview Fair w/ Over 40 Major Companies

                                               Sales Executive Leadership Symposium (Sales Executive ONLY)

                                               How To Start & Run Your Own Business

                                               Life & Career Winning Strategies For Women

                                               Career Opportunity Company Info Sessions

                                               General Session: Featured Speaker / VP Executive Panel

                                               Corporate Hospitality Suites

                                               Conference Late Night Hospitality Networking Suites


Friday August 4th                    Career / Interview Fair w/ Over 40 Major Companies

(9am – 1am)                            How To Start & Run Your Own Business

                                               Life & Career Winning Strategies For Women

                                               Best Sales Practices: Million-Dollar Earning Panel

                                               Corporate Sponsor Lunch w/ Guest Speaker

                                               Womens ONLY Session: Turning The Tide On Work/Life Balance

                                               General Session > 3 Guest Speakers / Keynote Speaker – Lisa Nichols

                                               Book Signing Reception

                                               25th Anniversary Reception w/ Food Stations & Live Entertainment

                                               Comedy Hour W/ Comic Damon Williams

                                               25th Anniversary Party w/ DJ Kid Carpri

                                               Conference Late Night Hospitality Networking Suites


NSN is 501c3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1992 by a group of diverse Sales and Sales Management professionals in Newark, New Jersey. The purpose and objective of the organization was to develop a national organization that could meet the needs of diverse sales & sales management professionals across all industries. Since that time NSN has established chapters across the U.S. Since its inception, the organization has experienced explosive growth. Twenty chapters have been established nationwide in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, NY/NY, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, New England, Orlando, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, South Florida and Washington DC.