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Grand Prize: $5,000


  • Must be Full Time sales professional at a Fortune 500 company
  • You must be a current member of NSN as of August 2017
  • You must be registered for the NSN 2017 Conference
  • Must complete the on-line application
  • Must provide updated resume (After Application Acceptance: Top 100 ONLY)
  • Winner must agree to record a video selling NSN as an organization on 8/3/17
  • Winner must sign a “winner contract” before receiving payment

NOTE: The contest entry phase will remain open until we have selected the top 100 contestants OR 6/30/17, whichever comes first. Applications will be evaluated as they are received.

We apologize in advance as we will not be able to respond to all applications. We will ONLY be able to notify the 100 sales professionals that are accepted for the eliminations phase (8/2/17 – 8/3/17) in Chicago.

Winner Benefits:

  • $5,000 prize for the winner
  • Exposure: Present in front of panel of Sales VP’s (judges)
  • Exposure: Present in front of NSN conference audience (500+ professionals)
  • Winner will serve as an official NSN Spokesperson for 2017 – 2018

Note: Winner is responsible for all taxes associated with prize winnings.


  • Top 100 candidates eliminations on Wednesday 8/2/17
    • Candidates will have 60 seconds to sell NSN as an organization
  • The 10 finalist will present on Thursday Aug 3rd during the conference general session
    • Finalist will have 60 seconds to sell NSN as an organization
  • The WINNER will be announced during the NSN conference general session

 The Sales Pitch:

  • Each candidate will present the features/benefits of joining OR sponsoring NSN
  • Each candidate will have 60 seconds to present
  • Judges will select winners based on:
  1. Creativity
  2. Facts
  3. Features/Benefits Presented
  4. Non Verbal/Verbal Presentation Skills
  5. Ability to Close the Sale
  6. Time Management
  7. Audience Selection (applause or electronic vote)

Note 1: NSN Reserves The Right To Cancel This Contest At Anytime Without Notice

Note 2: NSN National & Chapter Officers are NOT Eligible To Participate