Sales Executive Leadership Symposium

This session is for National Directors/VP’s of Fortune 500 Companies ONLY. You must register for both the full conference + SEL session to attend the SEL session. There is an additional $200 registration fee to attend this session. NSN reserves the right to refund the additional $200 SEL registration fee to anyone who registers for this session that does not qualify for the session.


Symposium Exclusively for National Director / VP Level Executives



About Sales Executive Leadership (SEL)

The Sales Executive Leadership (SEL) session is designed for executives (experienced practitioners at the National Director/VP level and above) in Fortune 500 Organizations. The session will be led by senior executives, and will continue with its newer “roundtable” format to enable participation by all executives present. The primary objective of this session is to discuss "real world" business challenges faced by Directors and VP’s, and learn of the successes and failures of top industry executives. Participants will also have an opportunity to share global leadership insights across industries, and learn from other leaders how to increase their impact at the executive level. Participants will have an opportunity to share best practices and identify innovative methods to address current business challenges. There will be an open Q&A session that will provide the opportunity to inquire about and receive responses to questions in a learned environment.

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