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Add up the value and see the annual savings: free events, quality programming, discounts, education, connections, resources and insights are a few of the benefits:

  • History of success (20+ years and growing)
  • Representing sales, marketing, technology, finance and HR disciplines
  • A strong sense of community
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • 20 local chapters across the nation
  • Advanced notice on sponsor company job expansions
  • Discount on Annual Conference and Chapter events

By joining the Network, you will be taking an important step to invest in your personal development by gaining access to supplemental professional training & development.


 Who Can Join?

Membership in National Sales Network is open to all individuals who are working or aspiring towards working in the field of sales -- this means EVERYONE. Our membership includes a diverse range of professionals in the field of sales, marketing, technology, business, finance, and human resources, to name a few. Members of NSN may work for an organization or institution, or be self-employed.

It's All About You

With chapters nationwide, NSN is the leading organization focused on advancing your sales career. The easiest place to start is right in your area. The more you participate at Chapter level, the faster you'll develop and expand your “network” of professional contacts that can provide you with critical information & resources.

Your ROI includes the following:

Skill Development

  • Learn and cultivate new skills without interrupting your professional career
  • Professional sales and sales management training and development opportunities


  • Connect with professionals in your market and across the globe
  • Gain access to local and national corporate partners

Community Involvement

  • Student Sales & Marketing Conference
  • Mentoring opportunities and other local chapter initiatives

Financial Return

  • Free and/or admission discounts to chapter events
  • Discounts on Annual Conference registration

Network Nationally by Attending the Annual Conference

This is your opportunity to meet and gain knowledge from executive level sales leaders. The annual conference also brings in over 40 top companies hiring sales professionals in a variety of corporate industries. Whether an individual or a corporation, get connected to the network to enhance your brand, connect one-on-one with peers, gain industry insight and more.


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